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 Nendo Clan's Snake's

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PostSubject: Nendo Clan's Snake's   Thu Mar 06, 2008 9:01 am

Name: Snakes

Village: Granado Espada Base


Genin: Small Snakes are black- colored snakes and are about the size of an adult human arm. They can be easy hidden inside sleeves for a sneak attack.

Chuunin: Medium Snakes are blue-colored snake and are similar to the size of a truck.

Jounin: Large Snakes have marks on its skin similar to the Cursed Seal of Heaven and are larger then kage building. (sense in most villages the kage office is the largest)

Kage: Manda largest and most powerful summoned snake. He demands one hundred human sacrifices ready for him after his help in combat. Should he not receive his sacrifices, or if the person who summoned him isn't Zeke himself, Manda would not hesitate to kill his summoner. On top of that, it is only Zeke's power that he respects, not Zeke himself . Manda is very fast when in combat, and is able to shed his skin in order to evade attacks. He has a very poor disposition, and he clearly doesn't like anyone and only savors killing them
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Nendo Clan's Snake's
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