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 Nin(cotninued AGAIN)

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PostSubject: Nin(cotninued AGAIN)   Wed Mar 05, 2008 7:30 am


Oboro Bunshin no Jutsu [Mist Clone Technique]
Rank: C
Requirements: None
Description: This is a Ninjutsu technique similar to Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique], for these clones cannot attack by themselves. Whether or not they are made out of mist is hard to tell, but they are immaterial and will disperse when attacked.






Raigeki no Yoroi [Lightning Armor]
Rank: A
Requirements: Electricity Creating Weapon
Description: Rotating their weapon, the user surrounds himself with electricity which protects him by electrocuting anyone who makes contact with it.

Raikiri Rendan [Lightning Cut Combo]
Rank: S (Kinjutsu)
Requirements: Chidori [One Thousand Birds] (Raikiri Level)
Description: This combo attack has the user punching his enemy twice, sweeping their feet, kicking the enemy two times, smashing the enemy high into the air, and then using Raikiri on the falling victim as the devastating finishing attack. A person hit with this attack will most likely never move again.

Raikyu [Lightning Ball]
Rank: B
Requirements: Electricity Creating Weapon
Description: By gathering chakra and creating electricity, the user creates a ball of electrical energy and launches it at the enemy.

Rairyu no Tatsumaki [Lightning Dragon Tornado]
Rank: A
Requirements: Electricity Creating Weapon
Description: Gathering electricity onto one spot, the user spins around very quickly, forming it into the likeness into a head of a dragon. Once lightning is drawn upon his body, a spinning current will occur affecting anyone or anything in the area, temporarily trapping them in a spiral-like vortex and causing great damage. This is a fairly destructive jutsu.

Raizou Ikazuchi wo Utte [Thunderbolt Strike]
Rank: B
Requirements: Electricity Creating Weapon
Using their weapon, the user creates several thunderbolts that cut through the ground until they hit the enemy.

Ranshinsho [Important Body Points Disturbance]
Rank: A
Requirements: Medial History / Proper Medical-Ninja Training
Description: By attacking the base of the brain stem with chakra converted to electricity, The user is able to flip the brain's movement signals to the arms and legs. For example, if one tried to move their right arm, their left leg would move in the way they wanted their right arm to move.

Rasengan [Spiral Blast]
Rank: A (Kinjutsu)
Requirements: Must Be Inherited / Kinobori [Tree Climbing] / Suimen Hokou no Gyou [Water Walking]
Description: A Ninjutsu technique incorporating the chakra control needed for both the tree climbing training and water walking training. With the type of chakra control needed for the tree climbing training, the ninja focuses a set amount of chakra into the palm of their hand. With the type of chakra control needed for the water walking training, the ninja continuously releases that set amount of chakra from the palm of their hand in the form of a constantly spinning ball.

The chaotic power of this spinning ball of chakra comes from the ninja's chakra rotation. With the Rasengan, the ninja focuses their chakra in the opposite direction of their chakra rotation, creating a disruption in the chakra flow, which is where the force of the Rasengan comes from. Focusing chakra to spin in every direction is the first level of this technique. The second level of the Rasengan is power. The third level of the Rasengan is control.

The ninja has to be able to use one hundred percent of their spinning chakra and one hundred percent of their powering chakra and keep them firmly within the palm of their hand, creating the small and controlled ball the Rasengan is typically seen as. In this state, the Rasengan becomes more focused and powerful, and as it meets friction, it becomes faster, creating even more power as the attack is in motion.

Ryusa Bakuryu [Quicksand Waterfall]
Rank: S
Requirements: None
Description: This technique moves sand in the likeness of an ocean wave towards the enemy, covering and "drowning" them in an ocean of sand. It requires a lot of chakra to perform this jutsu.
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Nin(cotninued AGAIN)
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