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The Ninja life. The Home of Ninjas, where all the Great Kages Rule, and the country sides are home to some of the greatest Evil. the True Life of a Ninja.
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 Left Alcove Of Neko-hime

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PostSubject: Left Alcove Of Neko-hime   Thu Jan 31, 2008 2:51 am

-To the left of the temple's main antechamber resides Neko-hime's alter. The alter is made of Ice that never melts, the light glinting off the surface. The scent of Dragon's Blood incense flows around the alcove, clearing one's mind. As with the other alters, there are small tokens of offerings laid about. An idol of a white wolf with a single crimson ear sits in the middle. The Voice whispers, "Hime, the princess of Ice and Shadows can see what shadows your heart, your soul. Her icy logic and intelligence can burn like fire, but it will never lead you stray."-
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Left Alcove Of Neko-hime
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