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The Ninja life. The Home of Ninjas, where all the Great Kages Rule, and the country sides are home to some of the greatest Evil. the True Life of a Ninja.
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 Center Alcove Of Windfang

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PostSubject: Center Alcove Of Windfang   Thu Jan 31, 2008 2:33 am

-There's an alter in the alcove made of stone from the volcano which he resides. Incense burns, the smell of sandalwood soothing to the soul. There is a small icon of the Fire Goddess there, small offerings laid around the alter. The mysterious Voice whispers to you, "Do you wish the wisdom of the Volcano? He can see what none other can see. He see's your Heart's desires, he reads your mind. Mayhaps He knows your path's future? Mayhaps anoter?"-
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Center Alcove Of Windfang
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