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 The Final Exam

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PostSubject: The Final Exam   Thu Jan 24, 2008 1:19 am

The rules are simple. There will be spars against all remaining genin. Those who score high enough marks in the spar will go on to be a chuunin. There is a possiblility that you may pass even if you lose, because everyone has their day where they lose. Yes there are rules, and yes, you will be denied chuunin if you break them enough times.

When it is time to take this exam, you will be sent a pm of who your opponent will be, along with futher instructions. You may end up fighting in more than one round, so be prepared!! Now... for the rules.

  • First, these are not death matches, so no killing.

  • The fights will continue till there is a definate winner.

  • If you summon an animal, it cannot be used to eat your opponent, that counts as killing

  • Do NOT godmod, or we'll adminmod and kick you out of the exams.

  • If there are any special rules, then it will be in the PM. So save it, because we prolly didn't and can't send it again

Good Luck ^_^
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The Final Exam
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