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The Ninja life. The Home of Ninjas, where all the Great Kages Rule, and the country sides are home to some of the greatest Evil. the True Life of a Ninja.
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 *hair flip* Da Hime ish... Da Hime

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PostSubject: *hair flip* Da Hime ish... Da Hime   Mon Jan 21, 2008 7:29 am

Hola! Como estas? Muy bien ^_^ Me gusta queso!

*clears throat* erm... I had to be random there. I'm Neko, and I just wanted to say, if you have any questions about the site, the others said ask them o.o
Haha, no you can ask me too. And whatever I can't answer, well I'll ask Koko, and get back to you.

Have fun and be nice to the n00bs ^_^
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*hair flip* Da Hime ish... Da Hime
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