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 The Cursed Child Series

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PostSubject: The Cursed Child Series   Sat Sep 13, 2008 7:14 am

The Cursed Child.
In a small village, there lies a shrouded purple tent, a sign with the moon and sun above the entrance. A voice inside beckons a young boy to enter. Inside a sagacious old man sits before a crystal ball.
“Come in, come in. Sit and I shall tell you the story of the cursed child. Many years ago, in this small village, a young couple lived. They were expecting a child soon.” The old man waves his hands over the crystal ball, making the clouds part. In the ball was a black haired woman in the middle of the giving birth. Beside her, holding her hand was a white haired man bearing a deep scar across his right eye.
“Just a little more.” Called the doctor. Smiling, the doctor stood up, holding a beautiful baby girl. Unfortunately, when the doctor handed the baby over to her mother, an earthquake trembled the building.
“What is going on?!” Cried the father. A man cloaked in red armor rushed into the tent.
“My leader! It’s Roishi and his demons. They are attacking.”
“Already? I’m sorry my dear.” With that said, the man took his daughter and ran outside. However from the shadows a pink haired woman stepped out.
“He should have married me, not this ugly witch.” Said the woman as she pulled a dagger from behind her back and plunged it into the sleeping mother’s heart. “Have a wonderful time in hell, you damn freak.”

The clouds covers the crystal ball and the old man sits back. “You see child, what most the villagers didn’t know was that the mother of the child has a special gifts. Should she need to, she can call an inner persona that is ruthless in fighting.”
“Now what happened to the child and her father?” The old man waves his hands again over the ball, parting the clouds. The image inside shows the leader facing against a young man with completely red eyes.
“This is the end for you, Roishi! Seal of the Four Guardians, banish this evil to the pits of hell!” An intricate seal appeared below Roishi and slowly swallowed him into the ground. Panting, the leader turned to the eight general demons standing nearby. “Forgive me, I know it wasn’t your fault. Seal of the Forbidden God. Seal the souls of these demons into my daughter at the cost of my soul.” A blinding flash of light prevented the village warriors from seeing anything. When the light died down, the warriors gasped, all the demon generals were gone and their leader lay dead on the ground, his daughter asleep beside him. The warriors noticed that the child had eight markings wrapped around her right wrist.
Later, at the village tower, an old man stepped out onto the balcony, holding the young child. “Roishi and his demons are defeated, but many of our men gave their lives, the most important was our leader. I hold in my hands his daughter that our leader used to seal the demons generals away. Our leader would want the child to seen as a hero.”
A voice in the back of the crowd yelled in anger. “It’s clear that the demons have killed the child and stolen the child’s body. Kill it!” A crowd started agreeing and picked up any weapons they could find and marched toward the old leader.
Before they got too far, a dark, booming voice roared, “How dare you! You dare attack a child. Not even demons will sink low enough to do that.”
“W-Who’s there?” Asked a quivering voice from the crowd.

A large pillar of black fire erupted from the ground between the villagers and the old leader. Out of the fire came a black horse wearing black armor with a mane and two tails made of black fire.“I am one of the generals that your leader has sealed into his child. But this village doesn’t deserve to have such a hero here, so I am taking her to a place where she can be raised right.” With that, the horse wrapped his tails around the child, however the flames did not burn her, instead the little girl giggled. With one great leap, the demon horse left the village and entered the forest.
Deep in the forest, on a high cliff, there lived a snow-white wolf that went by the name Setsuna. Setsuna was a proud animal, but the thing she wanted most was a child of her own. During the night of the attack on the village, Setsuna was resting above her den. Peering over the forest, she spotted something moving toward her den. Setsuna hid in the shadows and waited. It was long before the horse of black fire landed outside her den. With fangs bared, Setsuna pounced and pinned the horse down, one powerful paw on his neck, ready to break it.
“Why are you in my domain, filthy demon?” growled Setsuna. “Speak quickly, or your death will be assured”
“Setsuna of the white fang, I am Darkfire, former general of the demon army. My brothers and sisters and I have decided that the village did not deserve the hero that their leader had made.” With that said, Darkfire laid the bundle he was carrying in his tails down in front of Setsuna. “You are one the wisest creatures that we know will be able to protect and raise this young child.” Those words carried in the wind as Darkfire vanished in a pillar of black fire.
“Very well. I will raise as my own.” Said Setsuna as she nuzzled the sleeping girl. “You still need a name. I know, from now on you will be Shana.”
The clouds cover the image in the ball as the old man sits back. “That’s how Shana came to be. You must be wondering how I know this, it’s because I took Shana to Setsuna.” Two tails of black fire bursts from the back of the man’s robe as his eyes turn dark red. “So would you like to hear more?” He said as the candles go out one by one, leaving only his red eyes shining in the darkness.

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The Cursed Child Series
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