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The Ninja life. The Home of Ninjas, where all the Great Kages Rule, and the country sides are home to some of the greatest Evil. the True Life of a Ninja.
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 Rangetsu Jutsus

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Rangetsu of the Byakko


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PostSubject: Rangetsu Jutsus   Sat Sep 13, 2008 6:40 am

My Jutsus (All used in Shikigami form(Sig))

C rank

Evil 5 elements destruction

Cancels out elemental attacks

B Bank

Blasting Fang Holes

36 punches are thrown in 1 second.

A Rank

Crowned by the piercing invert sword.

Sword is thrown into clouds and large sword covered in flames crashes down onto enemy

Wicked Fighting Blasting Fang Holes

108 punches are thrown in 3 seconds

S rank

Wicked Fighting Spirit Endless Darkness

Spirit of Dark creature empowers user.

Evil King Evil Disorder Crushing Maneuver

gathers all the energy can into users body, then channels that built-up energy into one fiery blast. The drawback of this technique the person who use this move will have some life energy drained away

Blasting Claw Fist Wall

2 more arms are grown and user punches 1000 times in 5 seconds

Forever in mourning over my TNR mother SIlverwing.

Why God did you take her now, she promised not to leave me.
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Rangetsu Jutsus
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