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 Santi's Summons

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PostSubject: Santi's Summons   Mon Sep 01, 2008 11:08 pm

Name: Summon of the Forbidden Goddesses

Villiage: none

Description: Summons out the 12 Goddesses from different times and eras of society... each Goddess has her own abilities and talents

The First Goddess: Onya

-Onya has the Great Cresent Moon Blade... its crurve allows for her to execute swift powerful slices reguardless of its size... the Cresent Moon blade also is able to shoot a powerful slicing chakra blast from it said to be powerful enough to cut the moon and make it cry...

The Second Goddess: Mya

-Mya possess the Chaos Blade... when the opponent is struck they fade into a deep genjutsu that causes the person to lose their minds.... however her most deadly weapon is the small knife that she holds... its rumored that when cut with that blade the wound will never heal....

The Third Goddess: Anabella

-Anabelle controls the power of the flame and has a temper just as hot.... when angered she engulfs the world with her fire... anything burnt by her hidden white flame attack will burn eternally even when the flame is burnt out... its said because the attack targets not only the flesh but the soul as well...

The Fourth Goddess: Sakurina

-Sakurina possess a magical gun that fires pure chakra bullets at the opponent... impossible to block and near impossible to dodge... because it uses chakra the weapon never runs out of ammo.

The Fifth Goddess: Io

-Io was a Goddess summoned from the future where she has bonded her body to the metal moblie suit that she wears... weilding multiple weapons as well as a chakra blade she is a fearsome opponent with an extremely high attack and defense.

The Sixth Goddess: Maggie

-Maggie was born in a field of butterflies and thus has taken on its characteristics... she has the capability to form chakra wings and fly... she also has a extremely powerful control of wind elemental... her nickname is "the gale"

The Seventh Goddess: Amellia

-Amellia was born without her eye sight... however she has developed incredible psychic powers... shes capable of moving objects with her mind and she can even create force fields... as to date there has never been a time when her force field has been broken....

The Eighth Goddess: Renyah

-Renyah is a swords master who uses extreme speed as a weapon... she draws the strength from when she un-sheaths her sword... she specializes in one hit kills... she has mastered the art of the silent death.

The Ninth Goddess: Elise

-Elise is a water elf from the far stretches of the galaxy... she holds the curitive powers of water and fires a bow powerful enough to split an ocean...

The Tenth Goddess: Whisper

-Whisper is the Goddess of darkness and has the ability to bend and shape shadows into her minons... her sword is also said to draw ones very soul to the depts of hell.

The Eleventh Goddess: Aimee

-Aimee has the ability to teleport and bring what ever she touches instantly to that location... she also has the ability to bend and manipulate light to make it seem as if she has multiple images or that she has turned invisible.

The Twelveth Goddess: Angelica

-Angelica is an angel summoned from the heavens and has the power to revive and heal the most intensive battle wounds.
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Santi's Summons
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