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The Ninja life. The Home of Ninjas, where all the Great Kages Rule, and the country sides are home to some of the greatest Evil. the True Life of a Ninja.
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 Kage's Office

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PostSubject: Kage's Office   Sun Jan 20, 2008 5:06 am

-The shinobi walks into a office, but everything glistens in the sun. On a second look, one realizes that it is all made of ice. A woman's voice is heard from behind the ninja. "May I help you with something?"-

This the Kage office. If you have anything to ask or say pertaining to the Village, say it here. Don't come in here just to say hi. Seriously, that's what the other Topics are for.

-Da Hime

Hijacked by Koko In other words, NO SPAMMING!!!!
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Kage's Office
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