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 SkyMunkey Bandit Clan Jutsu

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PostSubject: SkyMunkey Bandit Clan Jutsu   Thu Aug 07, 2008 11:20 am


Solar Blade
Desription: Stored Energy 4rm the sun yo create an Energy chakra blade,dagger,etc
Drawback: Lasted 4 post if the user isnt where the sun ray energy shine, or shadey area the energy blade would vanished

Solar Sphere -Miniture-
Description: Create an energy soloar sphere 4rm the sun to form a sphere
drawback: Lasted 1 post, if the user had it more then 1 post.. it will burnt there hand..

Shattering Blast -LvL1-
Description: The user would transfer their chakra/soloar to their palm/finger. Once they collided their palm together to release a shatter blast
require: Handsign.
Drawback: Can be cancel. Gain to many energy 4rm the sun can overload since your a lvl1 user. Blasted would shatter everywhere

Explo Palm
Description: Store an sun energy in the center of the palm. once the palm released onto it oppenet it will send him backward.
Drawback: Also it will send you flying backward with an explosion 4rm both of you and your oppenent

Energy ray Disk
description: Draw an energy sphere flatten it wit both hands, Like a windmill shuriken thrown able to controll
drawback: Store to many solar energy can explode the ray disk


Solar Beam
Descritpion: Created a beam 4rm mouth,hand,or etc. A beam shotten toward the oppenet (no curve or zig zag unless u can master it)
Require: Needed to be in the sunnny area or fire chakra build up..
drawback: storing up the energy will require 2-3 post.. in the sunny area require 1 post. Can damage your bodies
if you used more then 2 time o.O

Shatter Mind
Description: Using the heatwave to form an genjutsu to create an illusion. The heat will create a small impact of flare in their mind -BOOOM-
DrawBack: You will become very exhausted Causing the entired field heatwave, you will become in your own genjutsu
require: genjutsu experiance/ 3-5 post to activate with the sun/heat wave

Belenus Roar -Sun GOd roar-
Description: User will shout nor scream with an chakra sotred inside using half of it to create and echo of heatwave blast
DrawBack: You will feel pain inside of your bodies feel like burning.. used it 1-2 time
require: 3 posted to build up..

Shatter Blade
description: Once u activate the solarblade u can activate this move. Shatter the blade into broken peices of energy blade, scatter the peices of blade
drawback: Can harm your handed the create the blade
require: Blade o.O OF TEH ZOLAR!!!

BigBang Chain
description: released your chakra into your hand nor legg infused wit the sun ray to create and explosion when u touches you oppenent
drawback: You will feel alot worst then your oppenet if u does it all wrong with less energy ray with your chakra, it has to be even out..
Your bodies can be wasted o.O a kami-kaze attack.


2 be continued
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SkyMunkey Bandit Clan Jutsu
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