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 the Rules

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PostSubject: the Rules   Mon Jul 28, 2008 9:22 am

THESE ARE THE RULES!! FOLLOW THEM OR BE BANNED FOR LIFE!!! (or as long as the Admin bans you for)

Section A: Forum
Section B: Chatbox
Section C: Jutsu Registration/Clan/BL Creation
Section D: Jutsu/Summoning Usage
Section E: Elements

Forum Rules:

A1: No God Modding-This consists of many things, the Admin know what to look for, if they say you are god modding, please dont argue, and just listen to them. If you have a reasonable case and information that says you wernt god modding, then tkae it up in the Courts.

A2: No more then ONE account-Unless you are chosen to be part of an event, and you are controlling an event charecter, you may not posses more then one account. if we suspect you are useing more then one account, we will know if you are or not, and you will be banned for atleast a week.

A3: Cybering-Absolutely NO CYBERING ON THE FORUM!! Since we are not allowed to check in PM's what you do, do as you must, BUT NOT ON THE FORUMS!!! If we see you cybering on the forums it will result in a weeks ban.

A4: Cussing/Foul Language/Harasment/threats-Exsessive Swearing, Harrasing other players, threatening other players in RL, will result in a two week ban.

ChatBox Rules

B1: Swearing/Harrasment/threats-Anything in the Chatbox that we see as harassment, threats, or excessive swearing, after one warning you will be banned for a day from the Chatbox. Multiple infringments mean longer bans.

Jutsu/Summoning/Bloodline/Clan Creation/Registration

C1: Bloodlines-you are allowed ONLY ONE BLOODLINE!! You are not able to change your bloodline unless you die or choose to restart. Otherwise if you change bloodlines willy nilly, you will be Banned from haveing a Bloodline at all!!!

C2: You must EITHER be a JOUNIN or have a HEAD ADMIN'S permission to suggest a new Bloodline. You MUST be a JOUNIN or have a HEAD ADMIN'S permission to LEAD that CLAN or BLOODLINE if you are UNDER a JOUNIN rank.

C3: These Items when creating a Jutsu are BANNED!!! They consits of: Ressurecting a Dead Human AT ALL ((Will only be seen if its an Event)), mroe to come.

Jutsu and Summoning Usage

D1: You CAN NOT use any element OUTSIDE of the one you have!!!

D2: You may ONLY sign up to FOUR (4) Summoning Scrolls per life!!!

D3: You can only summon ONE summon PER Battle, Because it takes up HALF of your Chakra.

D4: You MUST be a JOUNIN to CREATE a Summoning Jutsu. It CAN NOT be a Animal that has been created allready. You MUST have it ACCEPTED by the Admin that watches the registration, before you can even use it. It MUST BE IN FULL DETAIL!! NOT JUST A PICTURE!!.

Chakra Elements

E1: Unless your Bloodline has a Certain Element, you are allowed only THREE Elements.

Genin = 1 Element
Jounin = 2 Elements
Kage/Gonin = 3 Elements

E2: If your Bloodline Consits of a Element allready (Say your BL uses Fire), you are allowed 4 Elements!

GEnin = 2 Elements (BL Element, and then Chakra Element)
Jounin= 3 Elements (BL Element, and two Chakra Elements)
Kage/Gonin = 4 Elements (BL Element, and three Chakra Elements)
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the Rules
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